Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vero Modero w/ TDR!!!

...Vero Modero released recently their 
Mesh Spring Collections, check it out!
*VM* Shanon Ela Set including Hat
**this outfit has a mesh belt and pencil skirt in
3 lengths and 3 sizes and i'm wearing 
Knee Up length in size Small

*VM* Balloon Dress Satin Set
**Mesh balloon tube top with leggings in a 
set with 8 different patterns available

..this and more at 

Other Items Worn..
Necklace : Glow Studio @ TDR Blue
French Nails : Le Forme (Group Gift, free)
Bag : 1st pic - Yuse Bag : Ricielli (TDR)
2nd pic - Funky Bag : The Secret Store (TDR Blue)
Boots : Celoe

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