Wednesday, March 28, 2012

500th post!!!!

...oh sweet!!! it's my 500th post.. hope you still like me girls.. :)
What I'm wearing...
Nadine Skin : Mother Goose's (Dollarbie)
Melanie Hair : Love Hair (Dollarbie, fatpack)
Frames in Tortoiseshell : Bitch/Bastard Store (Dollarbie, MESH)
**there are 4 frames for both male and female, 1L each
Coco Necklace/Earrings - Orange : Crystal Line (Group Gift, free)
Shirt and Nails - Tangerine : Rezlpsa Loc (Dollarbie)
Boho Bangles : Maxi Gossamer (Group Gift, check notices)
Wide Waist Belt : (Free Stuff)
Wall Street Bag (MESH) : Born Rebel (Group Gift, free)
Pencil Skirt (Mesh) : Maitreya (Group Gift, free)
Col Flats : TDR (3 colors for 28L)

...enjoy the rest of your day!!!

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