Thursday, March 22, 2012

..time for Spring!!!

..ohhh my gawddd! i can't help myself now but love this mesh -- meshing thing
and who would not love it if it looks this good huh? and i'm size small in
this dress.. i mean seriously? hahaha! woot i'm a size small in sl.. bleeehh!
Quinn Dress - Pink
**available in 4 different colors
Mcphee Dress - Peach Cream
**available in 4 different colors
Kimura & Castillo Tops
**all available in 3 different colors

all coldlogic clothes were available in 5 different
sizes to suit your body types & don't forget to try demo first

Venus Hair : Clawtooth (Collabor88 Item, 88L)
Svetlana Skin : Krasota (The Fashionista Hunt, free)
Organique Flats (MESH):  Ingenue (Collabor88 Item, 88L)
Teeth : Redgrave 

happy thursday girlies!!!

/me whispers: yesterday marks the 24th month of being
inlove to my Mr. Hax.. **giggles

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