Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sale! Sale! Sale!

..ok girls be ready (bring you man too) because two of SL's leading brands are having
it's Summer Clearance Sale that you surely don't wanna miss..

COCO Designs is having up to 75% off  and AOHARU is having a 50% off in all items
including shoes and hair and i so i head up to this two stores and bought the items
that has been in my wishlist for quite sometime and i know you have that list too..
click to enlarge

What I'm wearing...
Skin : LAQ
Earrings : ELUZION (subscribe gift, check history #2)
Daria 01 Hair : AOHARU
Sleeveless Blouse (w/ cuffs) : COCO
Mini Length Trench Coat : AOHARU
Frayed Skinny Jeans (Darkblue) : AOHARU
Satin Clutch Bag : COCO
Ankle Strap Sandal (white) : COCO

Have Fun Shopping!!!


  1. thank you Audrey Cresci for the follow!

  2. Wow - first time I heard either store having a sale ^^ I love Aoharu, just that some of their pieces are a bit pricey for me.

  3. i know! haha that is why i go rightaway to get those items i've been eyeing for awhile.