Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cotton Candy.. Errr Balloons!!!

..i'm in love with pastel colors, they look so yummy and reminds me
of my favorite cotton candy when i was younger, wish this balloons
will turn to cotton candy.. hahaha!

Balloon Love Pose Set (Platinum Hunt, 10L) : {what's next}
**single and couple pose with trans balloons

What I'm wearing...
Niran Pale Skin*J8* : JeSyLiLo (new! new! new!)
**Available in 3 Tones with 8 make-up style, cleavage and 
hairbase, shiny and matte options
Lua Hair : Analog Dog (old freebie, recolored)
A.G. Eyes Special Editon 1 : Aphotic Gloom @ FL
Wooden Bow Necklace : [EY:NO] (group gift, check notices)
Vintage Candy Bar Glasses : Fishy Strawberry @ TDR (50L)
Maxi Dress : My Precious (10L for limited time, subscribe and group gift)
 Mya Clogs Pastel : :):( PixelFashion (YIBHunt, buy carrot for 1L)

thanks LiLo Gloom of JeSyLiLo

have a nice weekend!!!


  1. Hi, i love this post, so vibrant and cool with the colors! i just wanted to know if the analog freebie hair Lua is still a freebie?

  2. it's no longer available but they have another set of freebies at the white ball near the shore (1 is also curly but shorter)