Monday, May 20, 2013

#658 ~ Lot's of Gifts!!!

What I'm wearing...
Skin : Belleza (Cynful Anniv Gift, Free)
Earrings & Necklace : Virtual Impressions (Group Gift, Free)
Clutch Bag : Septem Essentia (Freebie)
Striped Dress : Cynful (Cynful Anniv Gift, Free)
**also included in the gift are two other colors
Grey Croco Shoes : BSD Designs (Group Gift, Free)
Little Pink Dress : Lil'Lace (Cynful Anniv Gift, Free)
Xai Dress : Hucci (Cynful Anniv Gift, Free)

Jessica Sanchez - Tonight ft. Ne-Yo


  1. Awww this is great Cecelia! I too try to find nice things to share that are free or won't cost a whole month's salary..smiles. Love your blog!

  2. Nice to find some awesome dresses for free! Why did I just found your blog now??? I wish I knew this blog long ago. Even though my wardrobe is more dark style but it's nice add some colours. You could see my blog too, tehe ^^

  3. aww thankies for the appreciation ladies.. :)

  4. i can't find a link back to your blogs (if you have any) please do share it to me so that i can follow you too