Friday, May 3, 2013

#651 ~ 1st Sand & Sea Expo i'm going to talk about the 1st Sand & Sea Expo which will 
run until May 5, it celebrates the sun, surf and summer sponsored by 
Oceania Breedables in a half land half sea settings with lots of known 
participating stores, unfortunately today i can't take a pic of the sim 
which by the way is awesome, so for now I should be happy with my
short range photos..i'll try **crossing my fingers** to show more pics tom..


..and here is the fun part especially if your a freebie catcher, 
you need to find this  purple shells in each stores and click it
to receive your gift THAT if your lucky enough but if not you can
click it again after 2 hours to try your luck again.. sounds like fun!
i know coz i got lucky 5 times :p

CHECK OUT the Official Blog HERE

here is your TP, choose which is convenient for you

(LISP Bazaar)

(What Next)

What I'm wearing..
Tops/Shorts/Capri : coldLogic (NEW RELEASE)
Sandal : Slink (currently on Sale, 30% Off)
Necklace : Oceania (S & S Expo Gift, Free)
Hair : Maitreya

Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl

..let's have some fun under the SUN!!!!
xoxo cecelia


  1. Thank you for sharing these awesome photos!I love that you brought your laptop to the event to blog!! And I absolutely adore your hat! I am so glad you could make it to the expo! xoxox

    <3 Cortez

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