Saturday, June 21, 2014

#785 ~ Ready for Summer with CSR!!!

FreshFace - Celine Skin
(natural tone worn on pic)
**Available in 4 tones with freckles, cleavage, no eyebrow, shape (not shown) and sets of appliers for Slink, Tango, Lush & Phat Azz
What I'm wearing..
Hair : Dura (Group Gift, Free)
Celine Skin : FreshFace (New Release)
Ace Shades : ieQED (Subscriber's Gift, Free)
Bikini & Wedges : FABOO (CSR R-15/2, 70L each)
**also available sarong & tied-shirt sold separately
 Kennedy Blouse (Pink) : BAD (CSR R-15/2, 70L)
Studded Collar Dress : R.S. (CSR R-152, 70L)
**worn with FreshFace Celine Skin in Snow & Chocolate Tone
 Accessories Worn:
1. Yara's Band : Buttery Toast (CSR R-15/2, 99L)
2. Summer Beach Polish : ZOZ (CSR R-15/2, 75L)
3. Angel or Demon Tat: PerveTTE (CSR R-15/2, 80L)
4. Watch & Bracelet : E.C. Jewelry (CSR R-15/2, 70L)
5. Wing Necklace : E.C. Jewelry (CSR R-15/2, 70L)
6. Eon Unisex necklace : E.C. Jewelry (CSR R-15/2, 70L)
7. Platform Wedge : SSW (CSR R-15/2, 99L)
**Shoes and Nail Polish only works with Slink enchancements

June 9 - 22, 2014

Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La Long)

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