Sunday, April 21, 2013

#646 ~ Season's Change...

..coldLogic releases its latest collection of cute and sassy range of springtime
dresses in eye-popping designs and colors primarily showcasing
your cleavage.. get your demos now!

Now available in store and on the marketplace!

What I'm wearing...
Tenille Hair : TRUTH (75L Sale/color pack)
April Night - Caramel Skin : HUSH (Group Gift, Free)
Simon. Pink-Grey Dress : coldLogic (NEW RELEASE)
Blooming Daisies Pose : Nani (Atooly Hunts, Free)

NOTE: TRUTH 50% OFF Sale until May 3
**my advice if you wanna visit now, go to the next sim  and use your cam to buy
coz for sure you can't tp to the mainstore not unless your wonderwoman  lol

xoxo Cecelia


  1. meron ka slurl ng katabing sim ng truth hirap nga makapasok dun e puro sim full :'(

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  3. yes it's better to shop from Truth District and the sale is extended until May 10.. here's the LM: