Saturday, February 16, 2013

#629 ~ XyRoom & Acid Lily w/ Freebies

What I'm wearing...
Gift 03 Hair (fatpack) : Eaters Coma (Group Gift, Free)
Sultry Skin : Pink Fuel (Group Gift, Free)
**check group history to get the skin
Friday Blazer : even.flow (Acid Lily, 69L)
Red Pants : Pixelites Inc.(Group Gift, Free)
Glitter Skirt : PopTart (Feb. XyRoom Exclusive)
Shoes : Gos
Shape 1 : annaA Body Stuff (Feb. XyRoom Exclusive)
Shape 2 : Panda Punx (Feb. XyRoom Exclusive)
Simple Me Panty & Bra : Sassy! (Feb. XyRoom Exclusive)

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