Thursday, September 27, 2012

#587 ~ Paris Metro @ SLoupon

Ginza Gown : Paris Metro (SLoupon Item, 50% OFF)
..SLoupon offers awesome discounts on many types of products...
everything from clothes,  hair and accessories to building supplies 
and animation and much more with over 50 creators participating..

There is a membership fee in order to avail the said discounts of
each month and for now they are offering it at 1L only until Sept. 30
so c'mon down and avail its offer at a very low price..

Check out the September Deals on their official website:

JOIN NOW for 1L @ SLoupon Kiosks locations
**if your not a memeber tp HERE instead

Other Items worn:
Found Hair : [e] (70% Off, 75L)
Kumi Skin : Pink Fuel (New Release)
Hope Jewelry : Artistry

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