Monday, July 2, 2012

#545 ~ SMYS Hunt II

..hello luvlies!! Show Me Your Style Hunt will end a few days from now
so if you still haven't done it yet, NOW is the right time to do it.. 
and also for this week Truth District is celebrating it's 1st Year
Anniversary with 50%-70% off sale on participating stores..

 What I'm wearing...
Truth Hairs : Truth (Truth District Sale @ 100L/Color Pack)
Brandy Skin : Tempestuous (SMYS Hunt #25, 1L)
Earrings, Bracelet & Necklace : Graffitiwear (SMYS Hunt #12, 1L)
Ombre Nails : glow Studio @ TDR
Hodgepodege Satchel : evolve (TOSL2B Hunt #19, Free)
Twisted Bandeau : Delish (1L @ Marketplace)
Skirt : Nous Vous (SMYS Hunt #23, 1L)
Thong Slipper : Slink about you? are you ready to hit the beach???


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