Saturday, June 9, 2012

#533 ~ I'm not a Shopaholic!!!

..i'm not a shopaholic but i just love buying things :p.. ok you win!
i am a shopaholic and here's what i have in my closet today.. check it out!!!
What I'm wearing...
Love Skin : Illusory @ TDR Blue (70L, TDR Blue Special)
Beg your Pardon Hair : Clawtooth (50% Off until the 16th)
Pam Loose Shirt : Legal Insanity (NEW RELEASE)
**this is available in various colors and patterns
Coquette Platform : N-Core (Group Gift, free)
The Shopaholic's Closet (Props) : Gliterati (Free)

...and of course don't forget to get the June Group Gift
for Legal Insanity group (50L Fee) while your at store too.. 
Thanks Mr. DATRIP Blackbart

..have a great weekend girls!!!
<3 Cecelia


  1. Love the props and Pam Loose Shirt! You look lovely. :)

  2. oh yay! thank you thank you! i lurve it too!