Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rose You!!!

..grab this gorgeous dress before Oct. 17 as Vita's Boudoir 2nd Anniversary gift
and match it with this jewelry from +WTG+ with changeable stones..
' Skintimate ' Angelina Special Edition 2 Almond (c)
3 skintones (Porceline, Natural & Almond) w/ Cleavage
5 Lipstick tattoos, Dark/light Eyebrow Options

thanks Ms. Alexxandra Sorbet

What I'm wearing..
Angelina 2 Almond (c) : Skintimate @75L Skin Store (75L Only)
Diva Hair : [69] (50% Off Sale)
Hairbase : Exile (free, all colors)
GreyBrown Eyes : Amacci (free, 2 styles)
Earrings & Necklace : +WTG+ (1st Anniversary Gift, free)
Boudoir Rose You! Dress : Vita's Boudoir (Anniversary Gift, free)
COQUETTE "Glitter Edition" Shoes : N-core @ TFG (50L Only)
Poses : Dare

..have a great day gorgeous!!!

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