Monday, August 25, 2014

#800 ~ Half-time 86th Designer Circle & coldLogic Newest Release!!!

coldLogic releases it's newest collection of elegant and shimmery 
dresses available at the main store and on themarketplace!
What I'm Wearing...
After the Rain Hair : Exile (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Eshe Skin : WoW Skins (86th Designer Circle)
Mesh Glasses : Vrsion Lode (Group Gift, Free)
Silver Heart Nails : ZoZ (86th Designer Circle)
Sweet Rosary Hand Tat : PerveTTe (FDH#7, 1L)
Phair Dress : coldLogic (NEW RELEASE)
Priscilla Heels : Encore (Free @ MP)
coldLogic New Releases 8.20.14

**Nail Applier & Shoes only works with Slink Enhancements

August 17-30, 2014

American Authors - Best Day Of My Life


  1. Love your posts, How did you get your eyelashes like that? I bought mesh lashes but I cant seem to get them to look perfect like yours

  2. thanks kristen for loving my post.. actually i'm wearing a prim eyelashes from Redgrave, its the freebie one i got from one of the events previously but there's plenty of lashes in there too. I adjust and resize each prims separately while standing still on a pose stand. i do have a mesh eyelash but i don't like how it looks on me so i stick with this one.

  3. Your welcome, The mesh ones look all clumpy from far back. I was told that they look great from other people so not sure it could just be me lol